Tessie Mansueto

Gheziz  Membri

 Qisu I-bierah Ii kont
qieghda nahseb biex nikteb il-messagg tieghi gha|I-okkazzjoni tal-festa ta’
Santa Katarina Vergni u Martri tas-sena I-ohra. Ghalhekk jien, Tessie Mansueto,
se nikteb il-messagg ta’ din is-sena.   Ahna tat-kumitat dejjem nippruvaw Ii naghmlu
mill-ahjar biex naghmlu festa sabieha ta kull sena Ii ghaliha I-kumitat
habrieki jahdem matul is-sena kollha. Hawnhekk nixtieq Ii nirringrazzja Iill-kumitat
tant habrieki Ii ghandi u anke I-voluntieri ghaIl-ghajnuna li jghatuna matul

Naghlaq dan il-messagg billi niehu din I-akkazzjoni biex nirringrazzja ghan-nom ta’
shabi tal-kumitat u membri tal-ghaqda, lill dawk kollha li tawna r-riklami ghal
dan il-ktieb, l-ghaqdiet Ii jinghaqdu maghna bl-istandarti tal-ghaqda taghhom u
Ii jipprezentaw i|-fjuri ghal unur ta’  Santa Katarina fil-festa taghha. Fl-ahharnett lilkom
ilkoll Ii tigu biex ilkoll flimkien niccelebraw il-festa b’atmosfera ta’ ferh,
ghaqda u hbieberija ghal-unur tal-padruna taghna Santa Katarina. ll-festa
t-tajba Iil kulhadd.


Mrs. Claudine Abela

Welcome to all our members, friends and supporters. The weeks have gone past so fast that here we
are once again at the time of the Feast of our patron Saint Catherine of
Alexandria. On behalf" of’ the Saint Catherine Committee, l would like to
thank all our members their families and friends, other Maltese Societies, all
our sponsors for supporting the Saint Catherine Society, as without them we
would not be so successful.

I would also like to thank our Spiritual Director Father Gabriel Micallef OFM,
Mr. Frank Scicluna the Honorary Maltese Consul for S A and our Auditor, Mr.
Charles Zarb our Returning Officer and Church co-coordinator during the Feast,
the Maltese Community Radio &the Blue Grotto Radio, the Maltese Queen of
Victories Band. Mr. Raymond Mansueto our Legal Advisor and Trustee, Mr. Charles
Mansueto our Accountant, Mr. Tony Chetcuti our MC, Statue co-ordinator &
trustee, Mr. Joe C hetcuti Editor of the Feast Booklet, Mr. Tonio Mansueto
for all the help and equipment during the year.

This year has been a very busy and successful one. All our Functions were well
attended, especially the New Year-’s Eve Ball was a great success with everyone
having a great time. The annual Feast ball was a Full house and we had people
on the waiting list in case someone cancelled. Another function which was
enjoyed by all was the trip to Hahndorf, a great day out with as German feast
lunch “HOSBRAUHAUF” live German band, games and entertainment. and our MC Tony
and another person join in the hat game and everyone was laughing and had a
great time.

l would like to thank the committee for their hard work, dedication and
commitment to the Saint Catherine Society. l am sure that we will continue the
hard work for the coming year and keep doing this Cultural and Traditional
Feast in honour of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.


Father Gabriel Micallef OFM


Meta Gesu’  ltaqa‘ ma Nikodemu fii-hemda tal-lejl, ghax Nikodemu ma riedx ii xi hadd minn shabu jinduna li dak li kien
qieghed iaghmei, fid-diskursata ta’ bejniethom, Gesu lill Nikodernu qallu:

"Tassew tassew nghidlek li jekk wiehed ma jitwelidx miill-gdid, ma jistax jam s-Saltna
t’ Alla" (Gwanni 3:3). Bhal Nikodemu iikoli kemm ahna ghandna bzonn Ii
nitwieldu milhgdid, if niggeddu: dan jista’ jitweitaq aktar minn darba matui
ii-mixja ta‘ haijftna. Kemm eiuf ta’ stejjer hemm ta‘ qaddisin Ii mexxielhom
jaghmlu den! Santa Katerina hija wahda minnhom. Il-Knisja tpoggilna quddiem
ghajnejna dawk I-ezempji sbieh ta’ individwi Ii mexxielhom jitwieidu miIl- gdid
u jakkwistaw il-glorja tas-Saltna t’Alla. Kif qatt jista’ jsir dan?

L-ewwelnett rridu naraw x‘konvinzjoni ghandna u jekk verament nixtiequx ii nakkwistaw din
ikglorja‘ Twelidna t~twe|id naturali meta ommna gabitna fid-dinja. Twelidna
spiritwaiment meta il-genituri haduna fit-tempju t‘AJ|a u tawna s-sagrament
ta!-Maghmudija. U issa jehtieg li ahna nibqghu niggeddu u nitqawwew fit-twemmin
taghna‘ Kuitant irridu nkunu kuraggjuzi biex nfarfru minn fuq spallejna dak
kollu ii jista jtaqqalna u jtemfna fil-mixja taghna lejn is-sema.  Santa Katerina ma qatghetx qaiba; Santa
Katerina ma bezghatx; Santa Katerina meta gharfet il-verita’ u t-riq li minnha
kien hemm bzonn ii tghaddi, ma qaghditx tahsibha darbtejn kif ser tizgura ruhha
mis-Saltna tas-Smewwiet. Mhux hiss li ma bezghetx mill-martirju, mhux biss Ii
xehtet wara dahra it-tlellix, it-gid u l-pjaciri tad-dinja, imma mexxieiha tkaxkar
ghal warajha ruxxmata nies ii kienu ntelligenti u li kellhcm pozizzjoni gholja

X'inhu meta ii qieghed jiommna nibqghu ankrati mai-hajja I- qadima u ma nippruvawx
niggeddu? Jiddipendi minna hiss u rninn ebda hadd iehor. Il-Barnbin taghna
I-Iiberta’ ii naghzlu t-tajjeb mill-hazin, u Ii nkunu bifieijed ghaqlin Ii
naghrfu fejn jinsab il-veru tezor ta’ hajjitna.

Jalla  Santa Katerina u l-qaddisin koliha jghinuna fin-nuqqas ta’ kuragg u hila taghna
u fl-istess hin jirnexxielna nkunu wkoll ta’ ezempju ghal ohrajn, b’mod specjali ghal uliedna u ulied uliedna.


Frank L Scicluna Dip Ed, BA OAM 
 In this years’ message l would like to welcome you all to the annual feast of Saint Catherine
of Alexandria. We ask our saint to intercede for us so that we may grow in
compassion, love, and faith. Saint Catherine was martyred in the fourth century
for her philosophical defense of the Christian Faith. We ask her to help us be
as loyal to Christ and His church as she was.

We are a culturally rich and diverse Maltese-Australian Catholic community, united
in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Our motto should be "Enlightened by
Knowledge, Enriched by Faith”. A quote that embodies what our patron saint
represented. St. Catherine had a burning love of learning and an undying
Christian faith, which makes her a patroness for lawyers, philosophers,
theologians, teachers and students.

Following her example, the Maltese community and the associations must strive to follow
the spirit of St. Catherine and willingly accepts the responsibility of their
roles and pass on this tradition to our children. So, during our life, let us
be brave in the spiritual combat as St. Catherine was. Let us fight our
enemies: the devil, the world, and our fallen nature with the weapons of
humility, prayer, generosity and forgiveness.

Among the several associations which operate in Adelaide we are blessed to have the
Saint Catherine Society. This group of Maltese volunteers strives throughout
the year to serve the community and raise funds to be able to organise
religious and cultural celebrations in honour of St. Catherine of Alexandria in
the month of November.

Let’s this year, as we did in previous years, honour St Catherine and participate in
these festivities. Lets consecrate our love to our saint and most of all let’s
show love and respect to our families and friends and stay loyal to our
Catholic faith. We also remember in our prayers those members of the community
who died during these last twelve months.

On behalf of the Government of Malta l wish each and every member of the Maltese
community a happy and holy feast.


By Carmen Spiteri – Adelaide Australia

 This year my husband, Venny, and l spent three glorious months in Malta. We explored the island, along with Gozo
and Comino. We were enchanted by what we saw and absolutely loved every minute
of it.  I  was born in Zejtun. but migrated to Australia at a very young age. both my parents
were born in Zejtun. So it was with great anticipation that l awaited the month
of June, which brought with it the Feast of St Catherine in Zejtun.

Of  course l had heard a lot of stories about what feasts in Malta were all about, but
there was nothing like being there to witness it for myself. It was
extravagant, amazing. extreme, colourful, entertaining, enjoyable and very
crowded. The thing that struck me about the Feast is the emotion surrounding
the festivities.

The  locals are all hyped about their Feast. this is their special time. Visitors
and tourists are wide eyed and thrilled by what they are seeing. l heard many
remarks about how the whole thing was so fantastic and over the top. The
village looks resplendent with countless banners, flags and lights. Street after
street are decorated and ready to welcome St Catherine to their little part of
the world. The local villagers decorate their homes, inside and out. They sit
outside their doorways awaiting the procession.

There is an abundance of stalls selling food, Maltese sweets, (drinks, novelties and
toys. Small shops and cafes open their doors, selling cakes, pastizzi and
qassatat. The atmosphere is great. lt is busy and friends and family meet for a
chat and to celebrate the feast together. I found myself being caught up in the
moment with tears of pride, happiness and delight dwelling in my eyes. That is
what I thought it was being caught up in the moment, but as I write this, l find
I am experiencing the same thing. I have a sense of belonging to that village,
my birth place.

The amount of lights decorating the church. streets and pe0ple’s houses is dazzling
on stepping into the church, it is almost like being in fairyland. With many
twinkling lights, richly coloured draperies and glistening silverware. The scent
of many bouquets of fresh flowers watts through the building. Each alcove and
niche within the church has its own unique character, depicting a particular saint
or biblical scene and adorned with statues, candles and flowers.

The main altar is imposing with its gilding and extremely tall candles and is photographed
from all angles by all who pass by  Zejtun has two Bands, and each one took it in
turn on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday to play as they processed through the
streets. Each Band gave a concert, one on the Friday and the other on the
Saturday. Venny and l attended the Saturday evening concert. The Band was
seated on a magnificent, elevated band stand, which was so elaborate with
carvings and balustrades. They just do not do things by halves, as far as their
Feast is concerned.It was good to see that many young people are involved in the preparations for the
Feast. Some assist with the decorations, some with assembling the various pedestals
and statues that can be found throughout the village, some are Band members.
There is certainly no lack of support - whole families are involved, each doing
their bit.

On the Sunday, as the procession with the statue approached the church, l found it
difficult to focus on any one thing. The Band was playing, bells were ringing, people
singing, fireworks exploding in the sky and on top of buildings. All this

| was happening at once plus the surge of people heading towards the church to T
display their faith with voices raised in song and outstretched arms towards
the revered statue - the tangible symbol of their religious belief, devotion
and loyalty.

So,  this is part of my heritage, my culture. I loved being there to experience
Zejtun’s St Catherine Feast and it is an experience l will always cherish.

Carmen  Spiteri