Editorial Comments

At the beginning of this year Charlie Farrugia was faced with a problem of attracting interested personnel in forming a Committee to adminisa trate the activities of the Sub-Branch.

Those who served in the past year’s Committee had indicated that due to ill health and other family problems they will not be available for re-election. So the Sub-Branch appeared to be nearing its termination.

Those who had thoughts of seeing the club closing down were showing happy signs of doing away with a competitor who was noted for its fine food and friendly atmosphere at the regular luncheons normally held on the Hrst and third Sunday of each month. Somehow those who expected the Sub-Branch  demise were sadly disappointed. The energetic Charlie made every effort to convince enough prospective applicants to serve on the Committee. He was more then successful to gather enough interested members to help in solving the problem, thanks to a gifted person who possesses the ability of convincing the right people for the job. As a result of the efforts which Charlie made to form a Committee, eight members offered to serve. All of a sudden a huge problem was solved and to this day every one of those members has not failed to con tribute his or her effort towards resuming the good name of the Sub- Branch.


The formation of a Committee in the year when all Maltese Communities in Australia will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary since Malta was awarded the George Cross, it is a fine gesture by those who came forward to help the Sub-Branch. lt is a fact not frequently mentioned that out of the forty original members only four are still alive. Charlie himself with the help of the late Con Sacco were founders ofthe club.  One cannot confidently say that the eight members ofthe committee had anything to do with forming the Sub-Branch, however, every time we recite the ODE, the thoughts flash back to the deceased original members.  Charlie is the only original member who attend every function because he is also the President. Although l also attend the functions frequently as my health will allow me, I was not one of the original members. I joined the Sub-Branch at a later date because l had been a member of another Sub-Branch.

Those who like myself knew the majority of the members can only shower praise on all of them. Three members who are still alive are Charlie Farrugia, Amabile Mifsud and Carmenu Mallia. None are in  the best of health but none forgotten because they contributed quite alot towards the success ofthe Sub-Branch.

We have some members who carry the accolade of Affiliate and Social members, but were not old enough to be in the service during the 2nd World War. Never the less, they were also recognised as winners of the George Cross because the award was bestowed by His Majesty King George Vl on the civilians.

What is also worth noting that many of our social members are the off springs of active and deceased servicemen .lt always fills me with great pride when I see the sons, daughters and grandchildren of deceased ex-servicemen marching behind the Maltese flag on ANZAC Day. These truly patriotic members of the Maltese Community are also the kind that are helping to keep the Sub-Branch functioning as it was originally intended.

May the efforts by the present membership shall keep the spirit of our ancestors active and resolvent in their efforts.



By Michael Agius