FATHER GABRIEL S MICALLEF OFM was born at the village of St. Lawrence in Gozo, Malta on the 24 March 1944. His parents were Giuseppi and Marija nee Apap and was named Stephen. He joined the Franciscan Order on 30 September 1960 and ordained priest on 22 March 1969 Served in Gozo during 1969 — 1974.
Fr. Micallef served also in Libya as Maltese and English Chaplain and Parish Priest for the American Com. from 1974-1979. He was Father Guardian at the Gozo Novitiate House between 1979-1985 During his time he built a Youth Centre and a feast and decorations storage. Between 1985-87 he served again, on and of, in Libya. Father Micallef was appointed superior at the Retreat House Bahar-ic-Caghaq, Malta 1987-96. He renovated the Retreat House, erected the Stations of the Cross around the complex and built the new Church and Friary at Palm Beach, Malta.
He arrived in Adelaide on 26 July 1996 and was appointed Chaplain to the Maltese Community in South Australia. He is also on loan to the Archdiocese of Adelaide since 1997. Father served also as Parish Administrator of Christ the King Church. He is also the Spiritual Director of the Maltese Community Council and several Maltese associations in South Australia. He looks after the spiritual needs of the members of the Maltese community in this State.
 Fr. Gabriel celebrates Holy Mass in Maltese at the parish church of Christ the King, Lockleys every second Sunday of each month at 3.00 pm. He also conducts baptisms, weddings, anointing of the sick and funerals for the community members as well as social work and confessions.
 He enjoys the respect of all who know him especially the Maltese in Adelaide. Here is the list of Franciscan priests who served at the Christ the King Parish, Lockleys South Australia
Fr. Giles Ferriggi 1948 – 2000,
 Fr. Sebastian Camilleri 1949-53 and 1992-2003,
 Fr. PeterPaul Meilaq 1950-60 and 1976-1078,
 Fr. Vittorin Alessandro 1952-54,
 Fr. Benedict Ellul Mercer 1957-1958,
Fr. Leopold Farrugia 1962-75,
 Fr. Philip Briffa 1962-68,
 Fr. Marcellinus Mejlaq 1967-75,
 Fr. Edward Zammit 1972-75, 1978-83 and 1994-2003,
 Fr. Emidius Cremona 1977-78,
 Fr. Felix Mansueto 1979-1991,
 Fr. Richard Grech 1983-84,
 Fr. Godfrey Micallef 1987-93,
 Fr. Anthony Vella 1992-95
and Fr. Gabriel Micallef 1996 -