Why do I attend the Maltese School?


Jennifer Young - Adelaide Australia


Malta is the birthplace of both my parents and grandparents. I have heard many stories about Malta and it has been my dream to visit Malta one day and explore the islands I have heard so much about.


As a baby and young child I spent a lot of time at my maternal grandparent's place. Mum and Dad would leave my sister and me at Nanna and Nannu's place while they both worked or when they went out in the evening. For this reason I had no choice but to learn Maltese as this was all my grandparents spoke.


As an adult I understand Maltese well and can speak it reasonably well. However, I lack confidence in reading and writing Maltese. The main reason I attend school is to become more confident in reading and writing (i.e. grammar) and also to learn more about the history and culture of the Maltese Islands and people.    I have been extremely impressed with the history and culture lessons and they make me want to visit Malta even more.


Another reason for attending the Maltese School is to help to keep the culture, language and history alive in my family. My five-year—old daughter Lauren came home from school one day and counted from I to 10 in Italian. Emma, my nine-year-old daughter, can say many Italian words and phrases. Italian is the second language taught at their school. Although I think it is great for them to learn another language other than English, I was so sad that it was not Maltese.


After attending Maltese classes Emma now can count to 40 in Maltese and knows the colours and simple phrases. Lauren is still learning English let alone Maltese, but in time, I am sure she will also be able to understand Maltese.


Finally, I think I am becoming more fluent in my speech and gaining confidence in my grammar since I started attending the Maltese Language School. I am grateful for my Maltese heritage and I hope that through these Maltese Classes I will keep it alive in my daughters and in generations to come.








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